Friday, April 16, 2010

Campus Cameo... Nneka Ekechukwu Notre Dame c/o 2012

We are so lucky to have a guest post from current Notre Dame Sophomore Nneka Ekechukwu, reflecting on Spring Visitation weekend! I hope you all enjoy reading!

Spring is in the air!

Well…somewhat. As you all know, even if it’s 50 degrees, for South Bend, IN that is not too shabby. After Spring Break is such a tumultuous time for many students here, especially minorities. Post-spring break means Latin Expressions, Spring Viz, and of course the BCAC Fashion Show and after party! However it also means postponed midterms that we were excited to not have before Spring Break, but are now dreading. Thank God for the weekends! Spring Viz Weekend (March 19-21) was definitely one to remember.

As an African American student here at Notre Dame, I especially look forward to Spring Viz and the fashion show. My peers and I have memories from our own Spring Viz when we were in high school and it is just fun to be able to give back by hosting a high school student that will hopefully join us here in August. Spring Viz is a huge time commitment on my part by simply being a host and so I can only imagine how it is for the coordinators. The first night of Spring Viz (Thursday) is a 3 hour long meet and greet with all of the high school students present and many of their hosts. For many of us current students, this is one of our only opportunities to meet these potential, and hopefully future, Domers. Unlike the meet and greet last year or when I attended Spring Viz, this year’s Spring Viz included a visit from many diverse alumni who were in town for a conference. I had the opportunity to have casual conversation with a few of them and, although the discussion was brief, it was very enjoyable. As a student I’ve always been very intimidated to go to any events hosted by alumni or where I knew “Black alums” were going to be present. However any fears that I had are now gone. I was welcomed so warmly by every alumnus I spoke with and am looking forward to future interaction with them and others.

As for the BCAC Fashion Show, what can I say? Again, it was great! I am very impressed with how everything was able to come together despite all the obstacles the coordinators encountered. I was especially impressed with the way things turned out using Washington Hall as well as the turnout of the alumni. I was an usher for the night and so I was able to see everyone as they came in. As a student here it is good to know that our alumni are supporting us and our endeavors here at Notre Dame. It definitely makes me want to be able to follow in their footsteps well and to be just as warm and welcoming to students when I have graduated in a couple of years.

So overall “Spring Viz Weekend” lived up to the hype, just as I’m sure it always does! As black students we were given numerous opportunities to interact with alums, each other, and rising freshmen. Now as the school year is almost over (yay!) we all must put aside the excitement and focus on exams, projects, and upcoming finals, but we still have closing activities to look forward to in the future such as the Shades of Ebony Skate Party in April, BCAC Soul Food Dinner, and perhaps more interaction with black alums. Until then, let’s just hope that this South Bend weather remains as nice as it is right now…and pray for no snow in April!

Thank you Nneka Ekechukwu for sharing your ND experience with us!

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