Friday, October 23, 2009

Go IRISH! Beat B(ackup) C(ollege)!

It's time for the Irish to show that other Catholic university who the Pope really cheers for! The series is tied 9-9 and the Irish haven't won since 2000.


We wanna see the HeartAttack kids pull out a big win like they did in this clip from '95!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We're Twitterin' baby!

Just wanted to remind all of you that BA of ND has officially joined the TwitterTrain! For all of our IrishTwit fam, follow us @Black_ND and say #Hello. Shout out to @owenlol @EmDeeSteele @AyeEmTee @iibias @napoleonsuarez @mimi_style and @theATLien for the Twitter love! And even if you don't have tweet-fever, you can still check out @Black_ND's twitter page here!

Greetings from the Black Alum Board

Ms. Walker workin' it out with her iPhone!
The Ladies of the Board wind down after a loooong day of meetings!

Natasha welcoming some of the B.A. Board newbies!

Kyree cheesin' with the Chairwoman
Natasha modeling a corporate "Do" look during the mentoring workshop
One of our enthusiastic ND students delivering her elevator pitch!
ND students listen intently on how to secure that J-O-B!
Mentoring Director Carol Anderson
Arienne and Jetaun hard at work ;)
Madame Chairperson has the floor
B.A. Board working hard for the...well, cause
Thompson#1 getting ready for a day of meetings with Rochelle

During a beautiful Fall weekend in September, the newly elected B.A. Board gathered for their first meeting as an official governing board. They discussed important issues ranging from minority admissions, Student-Alum mentoring, local ND-club involvement and campus climate. Under the leadership of Chairwoman Rochelle Valsaint, the board proposed and discussed various strategies for accomplishing their annual and 3-year-goals. Though it's still early in the term, this board is definitely on track to really "Shake Down the Thunder" for the next three years!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Golden is thy Tate!

The play that set off the first of a few heart-stopping wins! Gooooo IRISH, Beat SPARTY! Golden stays flyyyyyyyyyy ;)