Thursday, December 10, 2009

ND Football Rundown

What a few weeks we've had, Domers! Charlie's out, Jimmy and Golden say onward to NFL, and now Kelly's in...almost definitely maybe.

Whooo- what a whirlwind of football feelings!

According to the center headline on, the "Irish call[ed] and Kelly answer[ed]." No definitive word has been sent from the University or Kelly, but the worldwideweb is absolutely electric with the news that the Bearcat Coach will be the future HeadIrish. The Twitterverse has Notre Dame and Brian Kelly as two of its top ten trending topics, so a big P-SHAW to whoever called ND Football irrelevant to the college football conversation!

With an apparent call for a non-casual Friday, the Athletic Department could make the official announcement tomorrow according to the NYTimes. Other sources hint that the Bearcats' last-minute decision for a media ban at tonight's football banquet indicates that Kelly will be announcing his departure to his players tonight.

We're waiting for the official ND word before we send congratulations to Kelly, but NDFootball-way to keep Our Lady in the (media) game!

All right, BA_ND, load up the comment box with your thoughts/opinions on our beloved alma mater's latest football fun!

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  1. I'm glad they finally hired a coach, and hopefully, this one will be the right one. I'm tired of firing coaches! We need some consistency. As much as I want to jump up and down and think that we will go to a BCS bowl next year, I'm going to be realistic and just sit back and watch next year's football season unfold. I have no expectations, because when you do, you get your heart broken and are frustrated for yet another year. Being from the era of Lou Holtz and was a freshman when we won the National Championship, I need Kelly to succeed. ND administration and the students, needs Kelly to succeed. However, I am hoping that he starts his own new era, traditions and memories so that we as alum can stop hanging onto 1988-1993 years, but allow this new "era" to form their own under their own expecatations. Ok, I'm starting to! GO IRISH!