Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Watch Out- A Black_ND Gamewatch!

After one heart-attack inducing season, ND Football is coming down to its last- and most crucial- games. So what better to way to cut the tension of pre-Pittsburgh pandemonium than a quick look at the ND vs. BC game watch from our BA friends on the West Coast?

The gamewatch was held at the home of former BA Board member Manny Grace and headed by Region 1 Director Ben Finley, Jr. The LAIrish came out in full force to cheer the team onward to victory during this "Holy Wars" match! Check out the pictures, courtesy of Carol Anderson, of the Irish Festivities!

BlackND would love to post more photos of BA enjoying game watch festivities! Please forward any and all pictures to Communications Director, Amelia Thompson


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  1. Great turn out from young alum, myself included :). Twin 1, thanks for posting!